We are always looking for great people to join our team.  If you have an interest in the areas that we work in, then please get in touch at m.crichton@hw.ac.uk.  Specifically:

Undergraduates  – If you’re passionate about research then get in touch about summer research projects or other project options.

Prospective PhD students – We have a range of projects that we are starting up which need excellent people to be involved.  If you are interested in joining our lab and have an engineering, science or biological sciences background then get in touch to discuss potential projects.  Our core team is biomedical engineering but we run a range of multi-disciplinary projects where there are opportunities to contribute from many disciplines.

Postdocs – We are keen to expand out team with postdocs who can bring new skills to the team.  In addition to the posts above, we are happy to discuss joint funding applications and support for fellowships from competitive PhD graduates.  Please get in touch to discuss project interests and explore ways that we could work together.

Visiting academics – please get in touch if you are interested in our lab’s work and would like to spend some time building a collaborative program of research with us.